Demo: Full data vector tile map with basic filtering for QA

Here’s a vector map overlay of all of the OSM data for Washington State. The protomaps tiles file is ~600MB and takes a few hours to generate on my very basic home machine. Low zooms are definitely nonsense looking that’s to be expected. It has a filter text box at the top that has limited functionality but enough to play a bit. One thing that is super fun is looking at like network of “maxspeed” or “lit=yes” tagged ways to find gaps.

Anyhow, super rudimentary but I really think there’s something about this that is compelling for QA… even if it’s only updated every day or a few times a week.

I want to improve the filtering capability amongst other feature improvements. Definitely let me know what you discover.


@hfs you had mentioned something like this in another thread.

You can now click items to get tag lists and the filter functionality has been rewritten. If you want to find a place to get takeaway for the evening… well, that’s what I’m doing now!

Here’s searching for tennis courts that are lit and publicly accessible:

Or looking for holes in addressing where we have housenumber but haven’t included the street info:

WAMap has an “example filters” drop down to help give folks ideas about what they may want to investigate. Some of these are from my own mapping, some are from the list of quests provided by StreetComplete.

Another new feature is that you can explore the map by colorizing based off the values in a single tag. The syntax is (color)<tag> ex: (color)highway, (color)access, (color)maxspeed etc. Let me know if you find something fun. I’ve already fixed several issues wandering around using (color)addr:street and finding buildings strangely colored compared to those nearby.