Demo: dynamic 3D world rendering using Unity3D

After couple of years of development, I was able to push first release to google play:
Description of the project and full source code you can find here:
Binaries are there:
One more topic related to this project:

Some notes regarding demo:

  • Needs internet for tile downloading (0.5-3Mb depending on location)
  • Vector data is consumed from openstreetmap via API v0.6 which leads to some problems with speed and having non-full relations returned
  • Start location can be set by place name (nominatim geocoding API used), direct location or device location (nominatim reverse geocoding API is used)
  • Generates Globe using NaturalEarth data

Known bugs:

  • assets on google play sucks (will fix it soon)
  • bird-eys scene has always the same location (will fix soon)
  • truncated geometry sometimes (see notes above)
  • some minor rendering unity3d-specific issues with Lenovo devices observed


you’ll run in big problems using the API for data download. The API is made for editing (load, edit, upload) and not for fetching data.
Soomer or later your app will be blocked by OSM staff.

Please start using the Overpass API, which has been developed for that.


Thanks, I’ll try to switch