DEM data appearance in Garmin map on Nüvi

Hi all,

I’m trying since two weeks to genereate a nice motorcycle map containing elevation shadowing extending the scripts published by

Including *.hgt files in the map is not a problem, everything works finde with the --dem option of mkgmap and in Basecamp everything looks close to perfect, the hillshading includes forests, villages etc.

But on the GPS device (Nüvi 2995, Drive51) I can see hillshading only in areas withou a special tag. As soon as ther is “forest”, “wineyard” or in villages the shading is not shown:

I am pretty shure I didn’t understand a basic rule to make it visible - tried to play with the [_drawOrder] in the typfile as well as with the polygon types in the style without success.

Cound anybody give me a hint where to search further?


Nobody an idea?

I guess you have already discussed this on the mkgmap mailing list

Uh, not knowingly… I never was part of this list. But thanks for the hint that there is something - I’ll search in the archives.

I don’t recall that issue with dem and hill shading being discussed so might be best to ask the question.