deleting way

How do I delete a way with only 1 node? I can’t see it on the map or select it. But its in the OSM file.

I am using potlatch 2.

It is this one: 27829035

Using JOSM:

  1. Download the region containing the way.
    2a. Select it by id: Open the “Find” dialog (Edit > Find, or Ctrl+F), enter id:27829035 as the search string.
    2b. Alternatively, you can select it by drawing a box around its only node and pick it from the list of selected objects.
  2. Press Delete.
  3. Upload the changes.

Don’t know about Potlatch, but maybe someone else does.

I have installed JOSM, which can’t open the file since it is too big (California, 9 GB osm file). And I have no idea which smaller region my object is in. I think I’ll just skip this unless potlatch is able to do it.

Show this on your browser
and you will see where it is.

I think you misunderstand how data is loaded into JOSM. You are not expected not download the regional extracts if you just want to correct a small error in the map.

Normally, you would select the “download from server” icon (or menu entry) in JOSM, and select a region in the slippy map or copy&paste an OSM permalink there. If you don’t know where the object is, you can find out on the OSM website as described by JRA.

But if you know the way ID, there is another possibility. JOSM’s “File” menu has an entry for downloading an object (shortcut would be Ctrl + Shift + O by default). There you can enter the ID of the way (27829035) to download only the way and its node(s).

I need to know which smaller OSM file it is inside. The coordinates I already know.

Thanks, got it now - as a first time user of JOSM there was a quite a few concepts to learn