deleting a non empty relation

How can you delete a regular relation? I found a page describing how to delete an empty relation, but it simply said ‘delete the relation’ after you find it.

These relations are basicly duplicate:

What editor do you want to use to delete one of those relations?

They may be “basically duplicate” but they’re not actually identical
is part of a larger relation that
is not,

and 3498732 has a node in it that the other one doesn’t.

Personnally, after editing them so that they look identical, I’d make absolutely sure by selecting the text from the “browse” pages and diffing in a text editor, or extracting from the API or similar.

Once you’ve done that, delete the relation. You’ll probably need to do that in something like JOSM (or OSM France’s rawedit might be an option). I don’t believe that Potlatch 2 allows the deletion of non-empty relations. I suspect that iD can’t either (but frankly iD is significantly hard enough for me to understand how to use to say for sure).

In JOSM there’s a list of relations shown (all local relations; not just what you think that you might have selected) and a fairly prominent “delete this selected relation” button that can delete entries on the list.

The result, when I tested it on the dev server, was here:

I’d suggest that you also experiment on the api06 dev server (you’ll need to create an account there) too first to check that the process works.

P2 can delete non-empty relations with no problem: just click a way/node which is a relation member, then in the relations list on the left, choose ‘Delete entire relation’ from the little drop-down menu. You’ll get a warning dialogue asking if that’s really what you want to do.

Thanks a lot for the input! I’ll follow the advice given.