Delete unsafe unmarked crossings?

From time to time I come across so called ‘unmarked crossings’ even though at the actual location I can see nothing indicating it’s a spot meant for crossing the road. In some cases, quite the opposite. Are such crossings created for other mapping reasons or is it OK for me to delete them?

Can you provide an example for context?

I often add unmarked crosswalks to the map in my area, because despite “nothing indicating it’s a spot meant for crossing the road”, where I live the law is such that at every road intersection crossings exist from corner to corner to corner whether they’re marked or not. This is important for the connectivity of the pedestrian network, because pedestrians are not legally allowed to cross the road except at crossings. It’s also important for documenting the road network, as motor vehicle drivers and cyclists have a legal obligation to stop and allow pedestrians to cross no matter whether the crossing is marked or not. The vast majority of crossings here are and should be tagged crossing=unmarked, and I get quite annoyed when well-meaning but ignorant people remove them… :confused:

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If you can cross the road at such a location, but there are no markings, no lowered kerbs, whatsoever, use crossing=informal. If you can not cross the road at this location, use crossing=no