Delete Highway Segment

Just joined group. A segment of highway shown on map has not existed for the past 25 years but continues to show on most current mapping products. Have tried to determine how to delete this short segment (a bridge no longer exists) but this is not intuitively obvious in the editor nor in the instructions.

R. G. Smith, Defiance OH, USA

Assuming you’re using the online editor, Potlatch, you can split the way at the point the highway no longer exists and delete from there on in.

To do this open the area in question, select the way and find the point at which the highway now stops. Then, whilst holding down the shift key on your keyboard, click at that point. This should create a new node in the way at that point. Select that node and find the cut tool (“Split way at current point”) and click that. The way should then split into two ways and you can select and delete the part which no longer exists.

If it’s being shown as a bridge in OpenStreetMap then the most of the steps above may not be necessary. Bridges are already separate ways and so you may be able to just select the part which doesn’t exist directly.

Hope this helps.

Select the bridge and hit shift-backspace in potlatch.