Defining Areas - Problem

Hello forum,

I’m a little new to all of this so please be gentle with me…I’ve been making some additions & corrections recently using the Potlatch 2 editor, and I think I’ve just about got the hang of it all. I’ve been able to submit changes & everything seems to be fine.

One problem though, which has cropped up a few times. When I’ve defined an area of ground using lots of consecutive line segments, sometimes it doesn’t seem to work because the area-based symbols (eg landuse stuff, car parks, golf courses, residential areas, etc.) aren’t available from the menu on the left. Invariably this means that I’ve made a little error with my mouse clicking. For small areas & simple shapes it’s easy to hunt errors down manually, but for large intricate areas this isn’t such a nice prospect.

Is there a quick way to spot these errors?



When the reason for your mouse clicking based errors is the behaviour of Potlatch2 and its presets for areas, try to use an offline editor like Merkaartor or JOSM, because there you can handle bigger areas better by zooming in and out immediately.

Search in the OSM wiki about these offline editors, and report whether this could help you.