Define different speed limit for one road (regarding direction)

Hi everybody,
I’m a french new user of openstreet map. In my city, there is a road where the speed limit is not the same when i’m in oposite direction. One way is 80 km.h, the other in 70
How can i specify this???
Thank you for help !

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About the topic, from the wiki: “Where different speed limits are specified for each driving direction those can be specified using maxspeed:forward=* resp. maxspeed:backward=*, whereas forward applies to the speed limit for the same direction as the OSM way and backward to the speed limit for the opposite direction.”


Hi, you can do that using the tags maxspeed:foward and maxspeed:backward, where forward is in the same direction as the OSM way, and backward is in the opposite direction.

More here: Key:maxspeed - OpenStreetMap Wiki


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Just in case “direction of the way” doesn’t make sense to you, you’ll see the editor you’re using show you little arrows along the line. The direction of the way is where the tip of the arrow is pointing.

In a more technical sense (in case you’re interested), the direction is determined by the order of the nodes that are attached to the way. You can see this order visually when you look at the details of a way on in the lower part of the details window under “Nodes”.



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Wow! Many many thanks for those Quick and précise answers. I understand and will try this. :pray: