Default speed limits for Thailand

Hey there,

I am compiling a machine-readable list of legal default speed limits (=if no street sign is given) for each country. The information for each country shall come from an official government source, best with reference to the paragraph in the actual traffic law.

Now I have my difficulties finding the source on the official government websites. Perhaps it is not available online, but much more likely I simply I cannot find it because I cannot read the Thai script and most government documents posted online are scanned PDFs that one can not easily put into a translation tool.

Can anyone who can read Thai help me find the source?

I’d expect to find the traffic law regulating the default max speeds for the different vehicle and road types either on the site of the ministry of transport or on the site of the ministry of justice

Can you help me?

P.S: I have similar problems to find any legislation for any countries in SEA because of the scripts I can’t read. Any help here is also highly appreciated!

The reason to collect this data is so that routers are able to provider better routings in areas where there are not speed restrictions posted.

I trust Mishari is probably best suited to help here, but if for any reason you don’t get more assistance, I’ll gladly help with input from my Thai partner.
This info is glady needed for Thailand, and trust you will publish here once incorporated into OSM.
Rgds. Russ

… and (sort of) from the horse’s mouth:

Cool, I didn’t realize that the wikipedia article is that good (that it links to primary sources). I put the three sources given in that article in OCR and corrected the mistakes:

เล่ม ๙๖ ตอนที่ ๙๕ ก, ๑๔ มิถุนายน พ.ศ. ๒๕๒๒ (Ministerial Regulation on the typical speed limits for vehicles, 1979)

เล่ม ๙๘ ตอนที่ ๘ ก, ๒๐ มกราคม พ.ศ. ๒๕๒๔ (Ministerial Regulation on the reduction of the typical speed limits for vehicles, 1981)

เล่ม ๑๑๖ ตอนที่ ๗๗ ก, ๑ กันยายน พ.ศ. ๒๕๔๒ (Ministerial Regulation on Speed Limits of the Motorways, 1999)

Given these texts, Google Translate returns actually quite readable translations.

I wonder if there is no newer legislation though, the newest of the ones mentioned is 20 years old now.

Typical Thailand … when translated. clear as mud !
I have read it several times, and similar to the Wiki, it seems to say that outside of Bangkok…
Para (1) says if your truck is over 1200 kg, you can not exceed 80 kilometers per hour
but then para (2) seems to say that if your car is over 2000 kg, you can not exceed 60 kilometers per hour.
This of course means most luxury cars and pickups like the Ranger/Navara, cant go over 60.
It may be lost in the translation but it doesn’t seem right, and certainly not enforced.
The blanket speed limit outside of BKK, unless posted otherwise, seems to be accepted as 90 kilometers per hour for all “cars, pickups & motorcycles” which unless you want to make things overly complicated, I where I would end up.
I welcome any corrections to my statement, as the wordage is certainly confusing.

Regarding the 2,000kg, it’s the fault of Google Translate. Actually, the Thai text says in both instances “1,200kg”.

Also, Para 1 speaks of trucks only, Para 2 speaks of vehicles not mentioned in Para 1 (which are all vehicles except trucks >1,200kg and buses).

I think the weight mentioned in Para 2 refers to the total weight of a vehicle+trailer **if **the vehicle is towing a trailer. This is also how the person who wrote the wiki page understood it. (well, kind of, anyway)

So what I find most unusual is that the speed limit within Bangkok (or more generally urban areas I guess) is 80 and outside, only 10 km/h more.

Added it to the wiki page: