Default speed limit for trucks in Ukraine??

Hey there, I am researching the default speed limits for the different countries for this overview: (WIP)

For Ukraine, I was reading this with the help of Google Translate:

I think I got it right, but there seems to be something missing. I did not find any regulation that mentions the speed limit for lorries (trucks, *hgv *in OSM), only a regulation for trucks that carry people. Can you help me? Where is this limit defined?

Thank you for your work for summing up information about speed limits. This is great!

There are no special speed limits for HGV in Ukraine ( The HGV is treated as any other vehicle but they are affected by weight and length limitations (

andygol, thank you for the clarification and the source you linked! It is much better (readable, google translatable) than the official government one. I will add it in the wiki as well. :slight_smile: