Default speed limit for towed trucks for passengers?

I am working on this wiki page:

and for that, I am trying to understand Lithuanian traffic law. In KELIŲ EISMO TAISYKLĖS - XV. Važiavimo greitis, there is this paragraph:

Google translate does a very bad job at translating Lithuanian. Can you tell me what kind of vehicle type is meant with this paragraph? Best with picture(s).

Possibly related, a similar question about Italian legislation:

I discovered that the linked law text ist old and has been replaced with , which has a completely different wording.

Still same question though. Or is this about towing another vehicle? Or is this for trailers?

It is about towing another vehicle:

This part is about cars (<3.5t) towing trailers:

motorway, motorroad, other roads (asphalt, concrete) – 90 km/h; other roads – 70 km/h.

Cool, thanks. I corrected the information in the wiki