DeepEarth codeplex project - Silverlight DeepZoom - supporting OSM

I’m running an open source project creating a Silverlight2 based mapping control over at:
I’ve been developing with Virtual Earth for a few years and we’re using their data as our Paid example but using OSM as our free open source provider, little demo here:
The control uses the MultiScaleImage control referred to as DeepZoom or Seadragon. It pretty CPU intensive but gives a pretty awesome experience.
The control already supports pixel to long/lat conversions, basic shapes, lines and polygons and plugs into VEWS for geocoding and routing.
We’re building KML support and WKB for connection to SQL 2008 spatial currently.

Anyway we are very close to our first release and I wanted to touch base to make sure we give proper credit to OSM and help promote your work as much as we can.

I have tried to contact SteveC with no luck.

I’d love to know what you think of the control and will let you know when we have our first release.


“I am not a lawyer:” To give attribution just put a “data © openstreetmap” and if you make that a link with lat/lon to the openstreetmap slippy map then that would be super.

I would give you some input, but I don’t know what Silverlight is so it wouldn’t be very valueable. :slight_smile:


I am not a lawyer either: I think the issue may be more the “share alike” principle of the Creative Commens license. If you create new content on the basis of the OSM data it may be difficult to get paid for that.

On Silverlight: Dutch television used it for DRM for their Internet “broadcasting” of the Beijing Olympic Games., to ensure it would not be visible outside NL and no recording. Small price to pay for 12 parallel channels of the various sports.

We have added the logo but I will add a “data © openstreetmap” - Is the data actually copyright? Shoud it actual be “Data Provided by OpenStreetMap under Creative Commons” ? I’ll have a read around what others are doing anyway. The project is non-commerical, open source - devs from all around the world contributing.
Silverlight is Microsoft’s new RIA platform - Rich Internet Application. It brings a mini .NET framework to PC, Mac, Linux, Symbian, WinMo and possibly more. The DeepZoom technology we use came from SeaDragon, I’m sure you have seen
If you have a chance to play with the demo let me know what you think, it is moving pretty fast.

Yes the latter seems better, “CC licensed Openstreetmap data” is better? But as Hugo says be aware that it doesn’t matter that the project is Opensource if you create data that isn’t licensed in CC with it. This might be a issue for users of you tools, might be important to note that companies like Google claim ownership of the GIS data that you display on their maps.

Sliverlight… Why not use flash? (I’m very ignorant about this)

Why not forget about those proprietary 3rd party tools and use Deep Zoom JavaScript instead? No plugins required…

The Javascript Deep Zoom was created by the MSR, same people who built it for Silverlight. It does offer some capabilities but not the complete set available in Silverlight. We get about 10x the performance in Silverlight, little less in Chrome.
Silverlight has announced Hardware acceleration in its next version (3) which should be interesting also.

Anyway, I’m not the best person to sell you on new tech and that wasn’t my point of this thread - thought you’d be more excited about seeing your data in the smoothest control currently available in a browser. And the open source bit was more that if anyone here wanted to do more with it, the license is very much do what ever you like with it.

It actually could be an awesome platform for a new rich editor, Silverlight offers local isolated storage, very rich tooling and even offline capabilities through Live Mesh now. But that is certainly not what we are building, personally I’m keen to add WKB support so I can visualize some data in a high perf, animated way. GIS is really becoming a commodity on the web and you guys should be really proud of the contributions your making.

I am psyched! But I’m old and still consider Flash to be bleeding edge, so I don’t have Silverlight. The video looks good though, a bit like Google Earth is there a big technical difference?

Google Earth / VE3D are both way more advanced. They are installed and use 3D hardware. Currently we are still 2D, we could do 2.5D type thing with the illusion of being tilited but its just 2D.
The idea behind the DeepEarth project is to use a common runtime, SL makes runtimes for PC, MAC, (Linux, WinMo, Symbian in the works) and maybe more. Currently the DeepEarth control is about 80KB.
So the big things for me are: rich experience, cross platform/cross browser with one codebase and being really small.
I’ll post back when we have our first release and make a specific OSM video if you like :slight_smile: See if I can convince you to install SL.

Yes please would be nice to see. In the future if you add support for Google earth zoom in / zoom out flight between location, or recording animation then I’m sure people would use this to show of their openstreetmap maps. (if they have Silverlight).