Dealing with municipal boundary

There needs a way to resolve this problem. How can you have a municipal council as part of your address? It shouldn’t be there and how to know where the boundaries are?
My solution is to omit any municipal boundaries since they are not part of the ‘official’ authorities - state, district, mukim. They are more on the role as maintenance part of the government.

Apehe sempadan majlis boleh masuk sebagai alamat? main belasah je.

Sigh, my bad. The consequence that is expected when I decided to stop (more like took a break on) that import half-way (and right under my nose, someone else attempted to continue where I’ve stopped)…

Nominatim will display exactly just like that with every data it found. Selangor still is missing district boundaries in a place or two. Unfortunately there’s that. Not sure if there’s a way to report to Nominatim if people who develop it, can make changes, to show things in Malaysia with the common way how we write addresses.