Datasets in JOSM

I have seen that JOSM has MML Orthophoto, MML Background Map, and MML Topographic Map. However, MML data is licensed CCBY4.0 which is not compatible with ODBL which OSM uses, and requires a vaiwer to be obtained from the data owner. I have not found one so can someone confirm that MML has given one, or how the data is used to enrich the OSM since it is not compatible license?

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Hello! The only documentation on data sources in Finland I have found is here Fi:Tietolähteet - OpenStreetMap Wiki and here Contributors - OpenStreetMap Wiki. I am not sure how up-to-date that is though. Maybe someone from the Finnish community will know more.

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The attitude of the National Land Survey of Finland has not changed since 2013 GDAL tukee maastotietokannan MTK-GML-tiedostomuotoa (Page 2) / users: Finland / OpenStreetMap Forum. Their topographic data, including orthophotos, can be used in OSM and reference on page Contributors - OpenStreetMap Wiki is all that NLS requires.

In the email from 2013 NLS states also that their open data license is the same for all users and they won’t make special agreements with OSM or any other party.

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OK, thanks.
If DWG does not object to this approach, sounds legit to use this data for OSM.

I have seen this Fi:Maastotietokanta/Road Import Stage1 Plan - OpenStreetMap Wiki and dataset includes both name:fi and name:sv and Samish names. If I understand correctly, if there is name:fi, then name tag should have same value, just in cases where there is no name:fi, then name:sv should be put as name tag value? Correct?

Seems to be the case, although I’m not sure have road imports been done in areas where that would be an issue, since they seem to have been mostly in areas where Finnish is the sole official or majority language. That wiki page is also pretty old being mostly from 2013, I’m not sure if that has been always implemented. It doesn’t make that much sense to me since municipal boundaries are all on OSM these days.

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I have question about naming segments of motorway and trunk roads that have names on MML Background map. For example Way: ‪4‬ (‪367477210‬) | OpenStreetMap it has name Valtatie 4 rendering on the map. It has ref 4 which is ok, it is in the relation whith that name, but some segments are missing names. Should this be added or ignored. For example some routes have name tag, but that route has multiple different names along the route. For consistency should all segments have names (if they exist on MML)?

I have taken route 4 since it is connecting North and South of the country, and it has this descriptive name (Valtatie=Highway) just in some small segments, other parts have valid names so this is not an issue.

I think those names are street names given by the local municipality (not sure though) and there are sometimes street signs with names like “valtatie 4” as if it were a regular street. So if the road doesn’t have a name it just has been given one. Also addresses along the highway use the name that’s on MML maps. So at least in my opinion, I’d add to the map if it’s on MML maps