"Data item not found. Check your spelling." for amenity=mailroom?

On a page Key:amenity - OpenStreetMap Wiki there was recently added entry for amenity=mailroom. However, it is shown as error in red color:

[[ Data item not found. Check your spelling. | mailroom ]]

I’ve tried fixing few obvious errors made by original editor (not updating id from copy/pasted block etc), but this error still remains.
That Data item sounds suspiciously like wikidata related Data items - OpenStreetMap Wiki , which I know next to nothing about.

Can someone shed light on this / fix it?


That problem also occurs with that entry at https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Map_features.

Perhaps related " [[ Too many OpenStreetMap Wiki entities accessed. | unclassified ]]" appears lower down too.

The comment at https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Talk:Map_features#Issues suggests that it’s been an issue since at least August.

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posted in Talk:Data items - OpenStreetMap Wiki in hope that people understanding data item magic have this page watchlisted

The {{valuelink}} template manages links to tag value pages in multiple languages; from, for example, Hr:Map Features, it would link to a documentation page in Croatian if there is one, otherwise another language. There appears not to be a data item corresponding to amenity=mailroom, if the Data items bot was running one would have been created.

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So, you suspect the Data items bot might be down? amenity=mailroom was added to wiki at 11 November 2022, which seems like it should be enough time for bot to pick it up?

Should this be reported to Issues · openstreetmap/operations · GitHub then?

The bot is not currently running.

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If that is abnormal condition (which it looks like to me as an outsider), could I bother you @Wynndale to report it to people who are able to fix it (I don’t want to burden you; but you seem to be only one around here knowing what is going on)? Thanks in advance!

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@nyuriks used to run Yurikbot to update and create data items based on infoboxes, but this bot hasn’t been running for some time. In the meantime, you can create a new item manually.

It looks like someone slightly beat @Wynndale to the punch, so this redundant item will need to be merged with this one by a data administrator.

By the way, it isn’t enough to create the item with a matching label and give it a documentation wiki pages (P31) statement; you also need to set its sitelink using the link in the sidebar, so that the tag description page will link to the data item.