Czech adress system and „rescue points“

last days I spent my holidays in the Giant Mountains.
I stayed in Benecko/Vrchlabi and therefore I tagged some ways and points.
During the tagging of the hotel I found a specialty in the Czech adress system.

  1. Can anybody tell me how it works and how to tagg it?
  2. Many houses are having a special (for me unknown) symbol, seems like a sheet of paper. What is the symbol stands for?
    I found the explanation at the wike-site but my czech is to bad for translation/understanding in german.
  3. In the Giant Mountains I saw some „rescue points“ (see the picture below – TK035, with the phone number of sos, fire rescue, first aid, police, mountain rescue service). How do you tagg this points?


address tagging:
addr:conscriptionnumber - house number unique in a city
addr:housenumber - mapnik shows this
addr:streetnumber- house number unique in a street (not exactly right but whatever)

  1. in josm it is an indication of some house number problem (uir database (used for import) does not match cadastre or something like this).