cycling outside shopping hours

In the city centre of Apeldoorn, cycling in the pedestrian area is allowed outside shopping hours.
I did not find a good way to tag this situation.

This could be done for instance with the following general restriction, in combination with an access :

highway = pedestrian (this implies bicycle = no)
opening_hours:bicycle = 17.30:09.00
opening_hours:bicycle = Sa, Sun

An alternative could be :
highway = pedestrian
bicycle = yes
closing_hours:bicycle = Mo-We 09:00-17:30; Th 09:00-21:00; Fr 09:00-17:30

Again, not a very elegant way.

A more easy way would be:
highway = pedestrian
bicycle = yes
bicycle:shop_hours = no

Has something along this lines already been proposed? I could not find proposals yet.

Nothing supports any of these, but there are several suggested approaches:

  1. bicycle:times=Mo-Fr 17:30-09:00; Sa-Su 24h
    pro: format is the same as Key:opening_hours
    con: doesn’t work if it should be bicycle=destination at those times. Although it could be added to the end of the time intervals.

  2. a access relation
    one member, the pedestrian highway (or several, if it’s split for other reasons)
    relation tags:
    times=Mo-Fr 17:30-09:00; Sa-Su 24h

  3. including the time in the key part
    bicycle:[Mo-Fr 17:30-09:00; Sa-Su 24h]=yes
    cons: unusable with current tools that mostly rely on having one key for one property.

Any of these should be comprehensible to someone later manually converting the values to a scheme implemented somewhere at that time.