Cycle quality mapping

I want to plot a turn by turn cycle route across the UK using Mapsource (to pick out the turns) then to download the route into my GPSmap 60csx. To do that I need very detailed maps, maybe not OS, but at least one that shows cycle tracks and unmarked roads.

I downloaded all the UK tiles and created the gsuppmap.img file and downloaded that into the GPSmap 60csx. But it only shows major roads. Where can I find a map with the amount of detail I want and how can I get MapSource to display the map. At the moment MapSource does not see the gsuppmap.img file as a readable map.


Hi RD,

Did you try to download the maps from Lambertus? They show all roads and are routable and can be imported in Mapsource and either direct or via mapsource exported to your Garmin device (assume you have one as you use Mapsource). The maps can be found here:


Hi Hugo,

Thanks for answering. I’m stumbling in the dark here. Yes I downloaded from that link. This is what I did:

I selected the tiles that covered the UK and waited for my email. With the email came this link with the appropriate files in it:

From that link I downloaded only these files:

Then I ran them all and ended up with the gsuppmap.img which I downloaded into my GPSmap 60csx. But it only shows major roads. Can you tell me what I did wrong? Thanks

Sounds to me as if you haven’t put the gmapsupp.img file in the right place. It needs to be inside a folder called ‘Garmin’: you can’t just copy it across to the root level of the unit. The “major roads only” appearance is probably your GPS’s default base map.

You’re absolutely right Richard. Many thanks.

Just one more thing if you wouldent mind. How, if it’s possible, can I get that map into MapSource. When I use ‘Transfer’ and ‘Receive from device’ it finds the GPS and there is a tick in the Dialogue box against ‘Maps’. But clicking on ‘Receive’ though only pops up the message - ‘The selected device has no maps in it’ ??

The gsuppmap.img is now in H/Garmin and nothing in the root.

Transferring the map from the Garmin to MapSource won’t work.

To get the map into MapSource, you have to use the “osm_routable_mapsource.exe” that you downloaded. Just run it, and follow the instructions, and click next a few times to install it. Then it should be available in MapSource. Then you should be able to open MapSource, then click “View” menu, then “Switch to product”, and select “OSM World Routable” from the list, to show the map.

Thanks Vclaw.

Ok done that but now MapSource shows only the blank squares of the tiles I downloaded. At the bottom right of the MapSource screen is highlighted in yellow ‘Basic map only’. On the page ‘Maps’ there are shown the 31 OSM World routable maps. Under ‘View’ ‘Basic Map only’ is ticked. What am I missing?

OK Vclaw. It just dawned on me to unclick the ‘Basic Map only’ option and up popped the UK map. Cheers for your help.