Cycle Map layer - solid blue line

I am trying to add some new cycle paths but I am not sure what the solid blue line is in the Cycle Map layer? There is no description of this feature in the map key, I can only find the dashed blue line (Cycleway).
Thanks, Paul

Can you link to the area concerned?

If you’re using, you can use the “?” on the right-hand-side and click on the thing that you are trying to investigate.

Depends on the zoom level.

This might help for higher zoom levels. [routes]

If you mean the solid blue lines along a road in lower zoom levels, those are cycling lanes that are part of the road (cycleway=lane), similiar to dotted lines that are tracks (cycleway=track)

I’ve tried the query feature button but I get no obvious information that the solid blue line is a cycle path. The dashed blue line comes up OK. Here is an example
You need to zoom in a little and open the Cycle Path layer

Do you mean the blue casing on ? I’m guessing that it’s because of the “cycleway=lane” tag on there.

Got it. I wasn’t expecting to see the cycleway tag embedded within the road feature. Thanks, P