Cycle hire parking

I’ve noticed a lot of bicycle parking marked "cycle hire " appearing across London however what is the correct way to tag this? I initially thought these were just regular bicycle parking stands and have been using amenity=bicycle_parking though would amenity=bicycle_rental with bicycle_rental=dropoff_point be more appropriate?

It is my understanding the council wants people to leave dockless rental bicycles at these locations to not clutter the pavement, so there is an argument to tag as a drop off point. They are clearly marked with “cycle hire” however there is nothing to stop people using them as a regular bicycle parking stand as demonstrated by the attached photo

Based on info provided here I would definitely map it as a regular bicycle parking, maybe with an extra tags.

Maybe inscription=cycle hire? Maybe some designation=? Or maybe add also amenity=bicycle_rental bicycle_rental=dropoff_point node if any bicycle hire company follows this request/law and treats this point specially?

BTW, in my city there are similar points but rather for electric kick scooters (but basically always including also bicycle parking), intended to be dropoff/pickup place for that small rentable vehicles. See say File:Electric kick scooter parking.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
Kraków named them “Punkt mobilności” (“Mobility point”)

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