Cut and later covered

A rail line on Manhattan’s west side was placed in an open cut with bridges on every crossing street. Later some blocks were covered over by buildings, making portions into de facto tunnels, but the bridges on the streets remain. How should this be handled? I put in all the bridges and then marked portions as tunnels, but it looks a little strange, since you don’t expect to see a bridge over a tunnel:

If its a tunnel then map it as a tunnel, and if there’s bridges over it then map them as bridges.
It may look a little strange on the map, but it sounds like an strange situation.

Or if its not actually a tunnel, there is a proposed tag for covered:
I’m not sure what the exact difference is, I think a tunnel might be underground, whereas covered can be for things above ground.

Have you got any links to any photos of this, to get an idea of whether or not its a tunnel?

Try the Birdseye View from with the coordinates given in the permalink.

@NE2: To be 100% the tunnel should end where the bridge comes across.

Shouldn’t the tunnel begin where the ‘portal’ is, which, in this case, is where it enters the underpass (note that the road is actually thicker than how it renders)?

Here’s a portion of the open cut:

The red building in the background was built over the cut. Even after several adjacent blocks are built over, the bridges remain, have to be maintained as bridges, and are sometimes noticeable by a change in the road surface.