Customer Reviews of Businesses

Does OSM (or any opens-source tool that adds functionality onto OSM) have support for user-submitted reviews of businesses listed in Open Street Maps data?

Currently the best sources for maps-based, customer-submitted reviews of businesses is in Google Maps, Apple Maps, Yelp, Foursquare, and Trip Advisor. Unfortunately, all of these data sets are closed-source, so contributing to them is a risk.

I’m looking for a way to browse & contribute to reviews of businesses on Open Street Maps.

If this functionality is available natively in Open Street Maps, that would be great.

If this functionality is not available natively in Open Street Maps, I wonder if there’s any other open-source projects that build on OSM that could be integrated into OSM-based apps, as was done with mapillary

Does Open Steet Maps have built-in support for storing customer review data about businesses that are stored in OSM? If not, are there any other open-source datasets that do this and integrate with OSM?

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