Custom style for rendered tiles

I rendered tiles on my server using documentation, How can I use custom styles?

While following the switch2osm guide, you will have created a postgresql database with OSM data in it, set up a mapnik.xml file to point at that database, and added an entry to a renderd.conf file to point to that mapnik.xml file.

To add a different map style you can either modify what you have or add a new entry in renderd.conf pointing at something else.

Are you planning to make small changes to an existing style or do you have a different one altogether in mind? If the latter, does it use the same database format as the OSM Carto style that you currently have or would it need a separate database?

(answering the question asked on a comment on your other question)

I want to use custom styles, primary roads have different color

The development area for the map style that you are currently using is here. The line that decides the colour of primary roads is this one. If you look elsewhere in this file you can modify other “primary-” values.

After you change something, rerun “carto project.mml > mapnik.xml” like it says e.g. here, restart “renderd” and “apache2” and delete cached tiles (likely below /var/cache/renderd/tiles/s2o).

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Replace OpenStreetMap Carto map style by custom map style.