Custom server for image tiles with custom labels

I’m curious about creating an image layer to use in JOSM, that would use custom labels for roads.

For example:


Used as a custom layer in JOSM renders roads in Virginia. (Public Domain). I’d like to do this, but add labels to the roads using attributes of the data.

Right now, I need to download the entire shapefile, then using QGIS, split it to extract the area I’m working with, then add the shapefile to JOSM. I still need to switch layers and click the road to view attributes like road name, speed limit, etc.

I’m pondering diving into building a (virtual) server using PostgreSQL with PostGIS and GeoServer or MapServer to host image tiles with custom labels of my choice.

There used to be a custom server someone hosted for USFS road names that did exactly what I want to replicate, but either it’s down now or I can’t find it.

Has anyone done something like this already? Would something like this potentially benefit other mappers?
I’m not very keen on programming like this, but have set up virtual servers for other irrelevant purposes. I think I can do it with enough time and trial and error.

It is not clear what you mean with custom labels, but when these labels are “using attributes of the data” itself, why don’t you simply write an JOSM MapCSS style which displays the stuff as you want? You know that the displayed text can be choosen in the MapCSS style? Help/Styles/MapCSSImplementation – JOSM

This isn’t really what you’re asking for, but if you have a small enough area you can use QGIS to render “xyz” tiles to a .mbtiles file and then display that in JOSM with a plugin. This isn’t nearly a efficient as running a server that only renders the tiles you need on demand, but with some careful zoom level selections it might work OK.

Great suggestion. Thanks for the links. I’m trying it out, and i’ll post how i get along. Right now QGIS is creating MBtiles.

I tried creating something on mapbox, but haven’t been successful with that yet.