Custom Map

Hi I would like to create a custom map that I can load into a piece of software I’m writing in C++. I want the map to be based on a small area of map from open street to which I then intend to edit to add various symbols or “tags” of my own before exporting it to a format that I can read into a C++ program.

Will I be able to do this and if so what editor should I use for editing the output map that I select in Open Street?


Reggae Pirate

First of all you have to do a decision whether you want to display your basic map with bitmap tiles (like you can see on main site) or in vector graphic like e.g. Gosmore does.

To proceed in this question have a look at (not less are opensource) and tell us what application with what kind of display is near your aims.

Then we can look further …


Thanks for the help, I reckon something like JOSM or Merkaaktor is what I’m looking for…