Custom map for Garmin heeelp

Hi, I want to have a map on my garmin where I can only see Drinking water symbols (and the basic map with roads, buildings and so on…). So just a “drinking water map”. I have a Garmin Edge 705 (doesn’t work with garmin poi loader).
My idea is to modify a map and delete all symbols except for drinking water. What do I need to do this and how?

Thank you!!!

If you have the pois as gpx file (or export it from overpass turbo), you can make a map with this tool

Thank you! That helped me A LOT!
The only problem now is zoom level: Where can I define at what zoom level the pois are visible? I tried to edit the style files of the program and set the resolution from 14 to 0, now I see the symbols when it shows 300m scale on my Garmin instead of 200m. But I need like 1-2km at least, how do I do that?

Also, some symbols are shown and others are not. I just see the poi name without the symbol… Picnic and Drinking Water Symbols work, others like shelter, hotel or food don’t…?

I assume you have found and edit the points file in the programm directory at Program Files (x86)\IMGfromGPX\Resources\styles\default\ ? The line for drinking water pois are defined by this line
amenity=drinking_water [0x5000 resolution 14 default_name ‘Water’]

Don’t change those 14 into 0 that does not make any sense; resolution 14 means that it is shown at every zoom level, from the lowest to the highest. So better leave that this way. It must be a setting in your Garmin to see it at lower zoom levels but Im not familiar with your Edge.

Yes, I changed the 14 into 0 in the points file.
My Garmin is pretty old and doesn’t have that many options, it only has a “details” option where you can choose between “minimal”, “normal”, and up to “maximum”. At maximum, the POIs are shown at higher zoom levels but still not what I want.
Is it all just in the settings of the device that changes at what zoom levels I can see the Symbols or is there a way to modify the map to see the symbols at higher zoom levels?

I’m afraid it is all in the settings of your device. Javawa has already set the maximum settings.

Edit: maybe it helps if you tweak the options file in the IMGfromGPX\Resources\styles\default\ directory.

levels = 0:24, 1:22, 2:20, 3:18, 4:16

Maybe by adding another level you can see more?

levels = 0:24, 1:22, 2:20, 3:18, 4:16, 5:14

To see it further out you probably need to use another Garmin Feature code and a custom icon using mkgmap. What I’ve done for this sort of thing is a single transparent overlay layer, but it’s a while since I did this (perhaps 10 years for bus stops), so I may not have any examples to hand.