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Hi all,

The Vrije Universiteit Brussels (VUB) has a pretty complex campus and horrible signing. So I thought: let’s check on OSM how I can get to my destination, but no luck. Now my questions are:

  • What’s the current status of indoor mapping via OSM? Is there a team working on it that I can follow?
  • Does it make sense for me to start indoor-mapping, based on the Simple Indoor Tagging wiki page? (how high is the chance that these tags will become redundant)
  • Can any of the Editors (as on the wiki page) be recommended for indoor editing (e.g. because of support to visualise floors).


I am not sure any “team” is dedicated to indoor mapping. I follow the Simple Indoor Tagging proposal because it seems to be the less unofficial.

As for editors, you could use JOSM and define filters to display the building floor by floor. But you need to be “on the field” (I should say in the building) to do indoor tagging. So I use Vespucci (an Android OSM editor) and enhance the shapes later with JOSM (or add additional information).

Finally I check the result with OpelLevelUp, an excellent tool that displays the interior of buildings and even contains routing capabilities. So I can make sure I didn’t forget a “level” tag somewhere…


Take a look here

I hope it helps

@thbz: Can you help me?

Did you look at the tools on ? I guess there is not much more than what is listed on that page. Indoor mapping is not popular (yet), I don’t know any mappers in Belgium that specialize in this topic.

You might ask for help on the French mailing list as several tools seem to be developed in France.