Hey guys, not sure if this has been asked before, but anyway…

What should be done about cul-de-sacs when drawing a way?

  1. Draw a straight line.


  1. Draw a straight line with a loop at the end.

Is there any correct way to draw it or does it even matter? If this needs clarification, let me know…

  • Justin

According to the Map features a cul de sac is tagged with ‘noexit=yes’. So I’d go for option 1 and add the noexit tag.

I’ve never seen the noexit-yes tag. I don’t think it is nessesery, as it can never have more than 1 exit as its a col-de-sac, as otherwise it wouldn’t be a dead end. The loop at the end of the col-de-sac should have its own way, and tagged with area=yes as well as highway=residential. There is/was a proposal for turning circles to have a tag for nodes also.

any change or progress on these?

this is the wiki page where turning circles were in discussion. There hasn’t been much progress though. Tagging the area at the end with area=yes works, and allows any shape, and therefore this may be why there hasn’t been much progression on this wiki page, as it isn’t much of a problem.