Crowded z6 on default OSM style

Hello from Poland,

Zoom level 6 on OpenStreetMap Carto (default OSM map style) looks really crowded:

Someone has observed that Chinese cities lack population data and place=city tag may be misused, which can be the source of this problem. This is probably quite fresh thing, since we have changed the way we rank and display places in last months.

It would be great if local community could check it and fix these issues.


Since this diary entry the number of cities with population data is gradually rising. This has so far only made zoom level 5 look more crowded. A problem with OSM in china is that there are many administrative divisions that don’t fit well in existing and internationally used OSM tags. We are limited to place=city or place=town basically. I hope this is understandable for ‘an outsider’:

Maybe a solution would be to only use the city tag for places that are really a significant urban population center, and leave the counties only tagged as their boundaries in case the population of the county seat is not so large?