Crowd Fund purchase of high resolution satellite image

Based on, Malaysia satellite image from Terrametrics TruEarth Imagery 1999 to 2002 at 15meter resolution cost USD$1871 (about RM6542.51). That’s about RM130.85 per person if we get 50 people fund it or RM65.42 per person if 100 people. If there’s more funds,we should get newer map. So consider that USD$1871 is the minimum amount to get started.

It did not state the copyright or restriction on the image. But seeing how Bing Map allow OSM to trace, it’s not impossible to get permission to do so.

so what do you think? is this viable?

That is something new for me. I used to think that it is impossible to purchase imagery for non-commercial or personal use.

However, I think it is not viable at the moment. Well, Bing imagery is nice, some places in Kedah (- that’s like almost 25% and some parts in Penang too) managed to obtain imagery dated between March 2013 and October 2013, using Bing Coverage metadata tool thingy.

On the other note, Bing imagery is available to OSM, somehow thanks to the big boss of OSM - Steve Coast. He used to work with Microsoft before leaving for Telenav, so OSMers got the access to Bing imagery. Read more here.

I know it hurts so much when Malaysian OSMers have to depend to either Bing or MapBox for latest imagery.

I think crowdfunding to buy a drone e.g. as blogged by MapBox for Malaysian OSMers would be an alternative. But let’s hear from the others first I think. There’s a distributor in Malaysia as well, but no price quote is given.

*edit: On top of that, the software to process the imagery is paid as well.

*edit 2: searched online for its price… Gosh USD10600! Any cheaper ones?

I think this UAV is cheaper at USD5400.

but at USD5400, it’s not any cheaper than getting satellite image.

I do not think that it is useful:

  • “1999-2002” means the data are quite old
  • “15meter resolution” is very rough - you may trace lakes, wide rivers from it. Wide motorways could be visible. Most roads of some 6 m width are too narrow, and jalan kampung having one line only will be invisible.

OK noted. I had email them to quote a newer and high resolution map with the right licensing.

If this is feasible and we have funding,we need OSM to be the right holder.

I enquire for high resolution and got a reply. Jon Coursey from mapmart says 5m resolution cost about USD5.15 to USD25 per square KM at minimum.There’s very unlikely to have single provider that have full coverage. Higher resolution also require special licensing for OSM use, that will result in higher price.

Malaysia consist of 361586.6261 sq KM

This is not feasible.

feiming, nice to see you still around.:smiley:

Instead of the whole country, how about we start an initiative for major towns first? We have mapbox coverage, but that’s barely recognizable/editable even with JOSM’s trickery.

From my shortlist: Kuala Terengganu, Kemaman/Cukai, Ipoh, Alor Setar, Kangar, Melaka, Temerloh, etc etc…

At least this won’t cost that much. That will leave the funding part for us to figure out… :wink:


That could be possible. I’ll go find out the price needed for each area.We can run a funding where any area hit the amount will proceed with the purchase. We’ll probably still need OSM to hold the funds and do the purchase.