Creation of contour lines

Now that the mkgmap team successfully implemented the DEM feature, I tried it and got it working immediately.
But there is a catch: DEM data does not mean elevation contour lines.
The *.hgt files were downloaded from Viewfinder Panoramas.
Somewhere in the mkgmap mailing lists, the program “phyghtmap” was suggested.
After a few hours of trying to get it running on Windows 7 64bit, I must call that a complete failure:

  • it can not be installed with Python 3.6 (a syntax error)
  • it can be installed with Python 2.7, but fails with an import error (nxutils of matplotlib, but matplotlib is installed)

So I want to ask: are there other possibilities for creating contour lines?

I use gdal_contour, part of the gdal package to generate contours from DEM data.

Edit: I use that on a Mac but I am pretty sure the GDAL libraries and utilities are available on Unix and Windows.

Thanks. I’ll give that a try.
But then the next … step has to be accomplished: transform the shape file to some other format suitable for mkgmap. :frowning: