Creating your own map using OSM data and the default rendering - how?

Hello community,

first of all, sorry for writing this thread - I bet you get those on a weekly basis. But I cannot seem to get a grasp on how to achieve the idea I got in my head, so maybe some of you could help me out.

I’m a (rather new) student of Geography, working on a project about city development/planning. I would like to include a map showing modifications I am proposing to a certain road + intersection. This map should simply display those modifications in the basic OSM style, as if they were “real”. To achieve that, I thought that I could simply load current OSM data into an editor, modify it (by changing tags and drawing new lines, respectively to my modifications of that road/intersection) and then have that rendered.

I found many tutorials on how to make your own custom map style, how to include it in your website etc - but this is all going to far. All I want is that small modification, and have it rendered in the total default OSM style. The result should be an image file.

Any help and/or links would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance for helping me out!



That would mean that you would effectively fork the data. For a small, one time project with limited scope that might be OK, but for anything else this should be done some other way, like using your own separate database and merging the data before rendering (default map is refreshed as soon as possible, but you could refresh databases and tiles whenever you want).

Rendering data with default style (OSM Carto) is described here: