creating image of area with unique options


I’m new to OSM and I haven’t been able to find a proper answer to what I’m trying to accomplish, I would like to create an image for my province (state), on the map all I want to show is the name of the city, towns, major highways and some unique waypoints from my province, then convert this map to a image such as a gif, can this be done?

It can be done, but you need some Unix/Linux expertise and a large number of tools. Various commercial and semi-commercial services offer some level of customisation. Also look over the last few days on this forum, as questions about customised map renderings have already been asked and answered.

Creating your own rendered map from scratch does require some experience, but there are easier ways to make a screenshot.

JOSM has a black and white map called “Locator Overlay”. You can simply take a screenshot of that map.

Also, you can create a layer on top of it and add whatever temporary points you’d like to add (but don’t upload them to OSM!).

If this is not enough, you can customize this further if you learn a bit about Overpass. You can fetch any “unique waypoints” that match some criteria from OSM and make them visible on top of the “locator overlay” layer.

Maybe you can try the online style editor from

… see the tutorials on their website.

By screenshoot do you mean just alt+printscreen or another way? if I use the screenshot on JOSM will I still be able to put on top my waypoints?

right now I’m using maperitive, I have downloaded from the north american map and currently trying to import it to maperitive, the computer has been running since yesterday mid day, any idea how long will it to complete?

Maperitive is a decent place to start, but North America is way too big for it. Use a tool such as osmconvert to cut out the area you are interested in. You may also wish to use osmfilter to remove things not of interest (buildings may be a good one to get rid of). These two tools are lightweight, pretty flexible, but have a low overhead in terms of learning curve.

For something a bit more complex than Mapertive, I would suggest QGIS. You can extract data from OSM using Overpass-turbo and save it as Geojson which QGIS can read. QGIS has ample options for styling data.

I was talking about regular alt+printscreen. It may or may not be enough for your use case.

How are your “waypoints” stored? I was suggesting you can create a blank JOSM layer, manually add some points to it, and then to alt+printscreen. Like so: