Creating equally spaced lines of latitude in openlayers?

How can such a thing be a achieved?
I don’t mean using openlayers default tiles but google maps/ openstreetmaps/ cloudmade tiles as they use the web mercator where the further away you are from the equator the more distorted the world is.
For lines of longitude im just running a loop and incrementing the degrees to create these lines, but have no idea how I would go about doing the same for latitude lines.
Any help would be great

Have you looked at the graticule control?

Thanks. Yea I have seen it. Those map tiles in the graticule example you sent are the open layers default tiles using ESPG:4326 projection, so thats why the latitude lines are equally spaced. But I need to use tiles from the map services mentioned above

It’ll display the graticule in the same projection your map display is using.


The problem is that I need a square grid. (equally spaced latitude and longitude lines). Sorry I wasn’t too clear in the question but when I ment equally spaced, i mean visually, not in degrees, but in pixels.