creating a MySQL schema

I am trying to import data for the first time using OsMosis. I keep getting errors from the program saying that there is no schema. I have yet to create a schema on the MySQL database. Is there a script that does this? The error that I am getting from Osmosis is:

Caused by: com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.MySQLSyntaxErrorException: Table ‘osm.schema_info’ doesn’t exist

The data source that I am using is planet-090218.osm.bz2

The command line that I use to invode Osmosis is:

./osmosis --read-xml file=“…/…/…/planet-090218.osm.bz2” compressionMethod=“bzip2” --write-mysql host=“” database=“osm” user=“user” password=“pword”

Does any of this stand out as a problem. I have searched on the internet and have found several people who complained about the same thing but I never found out how they created their schema. Any help would be appreciated.


Neil West

The osmosis wiki page links to a schema.

Installing the osm server software would be another way to do it.