Creating a map

We are completely unfamiliar with Openstreet and have a very basic question. We need to create a tailor-made map for a specific purpose for which we do not require all the details which are shown on the OpenStreetMap. We started deleting all the details (such as houses, letterboxes etc.) but received an email asking us why we were doing so. That’s when we realised that the map continues to be public domain.

Is there any way in which we can create a map specifically for our needs and where we can delete or add whatever we want.

Have a look at teh OSM-FAQ-site

There are already some questions dealing with your topic.

You need to get familiar at least a bit with the elements and schemata of OSM to be able to render your own styled maps.

For this, have a look at the OSM wiki at

All information you need is definitively in the wiki.

When you have more questions that are not covered by then come back to here again.

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