Create warning header at the top of "United Kingdom" forum

Currently the only posts in are from people who don’t realise that almost no-one from the UK reads that forum (instead people use or IRC).

It’d be great to have a sticky warning at the top of the UK forum that says something like “no-one posts here except by mistake” rather than the existing one from Lambertus in 2007 that says “this is the perfect place…”.

For the avoidance of doubt, I’m not saying that “mailing lists are better than web forums” at all - just that for whatever reason, people in GB tend to use the mailing list and IRC, (similar to how people in the USA more often use Slack, and people in IE more often use Telegram).


I have no problem with what UK community needs. Please jest create appropriate message (with a good descriptive title) and I will make it sticky. I have already un-sticked old “Welcome!” thread.

Thanks. I’ve created , it’d be great if you could make that sticky.

I’ll also ask other GB and IE people if it needs any changes (GB for England, Scotland and Wales and IE for Northern Ireland).

Ok, done!

You can now modify this message to your heart’s content (including subject) and it will be immediately visible.

Brilliant - thanks.

If I may be allowed a gentle suggestion: similar warnings might be useful for more countries. Belgium and Italy come to mind.
Whether this is a good idea is quite a different point - myself would prefer to see the use of the forum encouraged, much better than referrals to mailing lists, which I consider 19th century :wink: But that is of course a very personal point of view.