Create new Map Layers (tiles) for

Hi everyone,

I’m currently “struggling” to choose an adapted titles provider for my future Tiled web map

Struggling, because of the various usage policy of those providers.
see : What the purpose of the ApiKey or accessToken on the tile server? - #3 by C-137_Rick

I like :heart: very much the usage policy of OSM that is clear and fair ! Too bad none of the proposed OSM style/color fit my need.

So in a near future I plan to create my own titles server… with various styles.

But instead of been on my own, I’m wondering if the style please the OSM community What would be the best way to proceed to propose them and maybe have them hosted by the OSM foundation ?


This is I think the requirement. However, do also read this as a conversation about vector tiles will surely enter into any discussion.

Currently only the “standard” layer is hosted by OSMF and benefits from the CDN there. I’ve said elsewhere on this site (but can’t find it right now) that the barrier to OSMF hosting of (some other layer) is basically political - you’d need to persuade the relevant people that your tile layer does a better job of at least one of the things that the standard tile layer does.

I would suggest that you:

  • try and read up on what is being discussed elsewhere with regard to vector tiles on That might allow you to deploy your own map style, if you use the same vector tile schema, without having to deploy your own tiles.
  • if you want to experiment with styling raster tiles, start with switch2osm and then either tweak the current “standard” style there in the direction that you want, or deploy some other style that uses similar infrastructure.

At this point you probably have 1001 more questions, and they’re probably really worth asking, even if they sound like the answers ought to be “obvious”. With regard to raster tiles, I don’t think that there is a good “how to create your own style” document anywhere. Mapbox’s vector tile documentation is pretty good, but is obviously designed around their services, which may or may not be a problem depending on what you want. Tilemaker’s documentation is also pretty good; and offers a couple of good “this is what I can do with vector tiles” examples that you can expand from. There are lots of other options; many designed around relying on some service from some provider, which may or may not be what you want. Lots of the other stuff out there is poorly documented, abandoned, or both.

(Disclaimer - I’m a maintainer of some of the documentation, have looked into vector options for use there, and maintain my own raster map style for mostly my own use. I’m not involved with the deployment of any styles on