Create map with marks and legend easily

I’m new to OSM and interested in creating a map for printing, marking some spots on it and create a legend. I thought, there should be some online tool for it, but the more I search and find, the more complicated are the things. So do you know some nice GUI for this purpose? Is it possible to adjust maybe the font size of house numbers or symbols of markers in any way?

P.S.: I hope this is the right spot to ask such a question.

By legend you are referring to a list of the spots you added in a sidebar?

Then my frontend to my MapOSMatic instance might be what you are looking for.

The result would then look somehow like this:

Regarding font and marker sizes: that would require direct modifications to the map stylesheets, for that you wouldn’t get around running your own instance and applying such tweaks to local stylesheet forks yourself.

I have a VM setup that I use for testing and development that can be used for that, it installs all the necessary components, and all the styles I offer on the public site, but it is basically a “works for me on my computer” thing (although there’s a small number of other users) :

Thanks a lot! I was looking for exactly something like this! May I ask, how it works technically? You seem to “send” an order to MyOSMatic. How do you tell MyOSMatic to add the markers and the frame with the sidebar (maybe a better word than legend:))?