Create Line-Feature for ArgGis using OSM-Data

Hello Everybody,

since a while I am trying to use OSM-Data to create Line-Features that I can watch and edit in ArgGIS (I am using ArgGIS 10 - full licence).
The target is to export Power lines (visible in OSM).
My first idea was to use the OSM-Export-Tool but it seems that the resulting XML-File is not really usefull/compartible with ArgGIS.
Also the XML-File contains all objects (such as buildings, streets etc.) but I only need power lines and power towers. Is there a way to make a selection before exporting?
I was trying and serching a lot and yet I sill dont have a clue how to porceed. So I’d be very
happy if somebody did something like this before or knows how to use OSM-Data in ArcGIS.

Best Regards and thanks for any kind of help


You can use GDAL v. 1.10 with the OSM driver
Edit first the driver configuration file “osmconf.ini” so that it includes attribute “power” for the layer “lines” as in this snippet


common attributes


keys to report as OGR fields


Then you just need to run ogr2ogr utility as

ogr2ogr -f "ESRI Shapefile" power_line.shp -sql "select * from lines  where power is not null" your_data.osm.pbf

The command found 4655 features with some power tag from the 400 MB finland.osm.pbf file in couple of minutes. Rerun with “select * from points where power is not null” for writing the poles into a point shapefile. The points section in the osmconf.ini must be edited to include the power tag first.


thanks for your answer. As I am not very experienced in OSM I was hoping that
you could give me some more details about GDAL. How is it working, does it have a
user interface? As there exist a lot of downloads at the homepage of GDAL it is
a bit confusing what to use especially if you are new to it. Is it to use like a tool,
that has to be importet to ArcGis (just as tools from the ArcToolbox). Or is it
a independent Tool that produces Outputfiles which can be opened in ArcGis afterwards?
Hope you can give me some more help. Thanks


GDAL is a general program library and utility package for manipulating raster and vector data. Utility programs are used from command line. They are stand alone programs and in my example I used shapefiles as outputformat because they are most simple to open with ArcGIS. If you are on Windows the easiest way to install GDAL it to download a msi installer from\gdal-110-1600-core.msi (32-bit) or\gdal-110-1600-x64-core.msi (64-bit).

Works perfectly fine. Thanks! you safed me a huge load of time