Create and change date for objects?

I am editing and updating a lot of buildings in North East Greenland. Recently I recieved exact coordinates and types. To keep track of what was fixed and what is still outstanding I need to extract when each one was created and last changed.


You may use for instance check_date=yyyy-mm-dd and filter on that. I put it on lots of things like pharmacies, drinkwater taps, phone boots. This way the system too knows IF there is an ‘still there?’ to alert local mappers in for instance StreetComplete or Osmose.

Edit: There’s no create_date in the system and found only 8 instances of creation_date. Certainly in JOSM you can query this info while editing by hitting the history key after selecting an object which looks like the below, so create date would in a way be duplication of system information.

With this simple overpass query, you can see (in the data tab), the last changed date.

The interesting part of the query is the meta keyword (and center to simplify the results).

Sadly, I can’t find a simple way to get the date of version 1 of each object, that is the date it was created.

You can also explore the newer and changed filters, but it’s still only about last change, not creation.


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Had already tried a handful of overpass queries. Yours is identical to one of them (except I also included buildings which are simple nodes). I shall have to investigate a bit further, because exactly the change date was among the things I could not see in any of the results.

Ahh, now I get it: This out meta center has to be in the QUERY!

Indeed, out defines the output of the query. See the doc for a lot more details. :slight_smile: