Create a map using .gpx files

I got a bunch of newbe questions. Every year going to hunt in a remote small island in the Caribbean. Because of the vegetation, the trails are not really notable. I can’t find a detailed of the area. I download the openstreetmap for the area but this map only have the big trail used by the Forest ranger. I have a bunch of .gpx on my GPS from past trips. I loaded them on the map using JOSM, then create a .img with MKGMAP using the following command: “java -ea -jar mkgmap --tdbdfile --route mona_pr.osm”. On the map non of the trails that was added are show. What Im doing wrong? Is possible to use this data to create a routable map of the area? I have been reading in the forum but I’m confused on what are the tools or if is even possible to do what I want. Thanks in advance for any help!

I took a look at the data (in this area) and it looks fine. It could be that mkgmap doesn’t work with negative OSM IDs (when you create a new object, it gets assigned a negative OSM ID until it gets uploaded to the main OSM database). If this is what’s happening, what you could do is re-download the data for the entire island from the OSM database and save that as a new file. This should include your new trails with their proper positive OSM IDs.

Maybe this tool will help

I just check it, now on the Cycle Map, all the tracks that I uploaded are available. How I can download them to install on the Garmin device?

Any of these are suitable is reliable and has types suitable for cycling.
Read the instructions on the site.
Choose an .img format and copy it to the /garmin direcory (or /map directory on some) and enable it on your gps via the setup map menus.
Edit: i assume you uploaded your gpx tracks to OSM and Josm and used them as a guide to map the paths and now these paths or tracks are viewable on the OSM. Now you wish to download a Garmin suitable OSM to your gps so that you can use that as a guide whilst hiking in the area.

I did this (at least that is what I think) but when download the map all the traces aren’t show. On basecamp the one downloaded from dont show the same traces as the one on What Im doing wrong?

I don’t use Basecamp.

A map from is a different style from the Cycle layer map at OSM.
You should choose among the numerous choices at until you find one that pleases you.

I downloaded the Ilsa de Mona area and put a copy of the .img file here
On my Etrex your footways show up at scale 800m as Garmin dictates.
On my gps I have Setup>Map>Advanced Map Setup>Most detail.
Any gpx traces will not shows unless you tell the gps to show each individual trace on the map.

I used Josm to save your footways as a gpx file if you want to show those on your gps at ranges above 800m (not sure?).
On my Etrex, go to Track Manager>select the track>Show on map.
These will show as individual tracks on you gps in the Track Manager.

I notice you have mapped as highway=footway. I think they should be mapped as highway=path instead as footways are generally thought to be the concrete ways you see in towns in my country. You could also add surface=ground or similar.
You need to zoom in closer to join the way intersections as there are small gaps in some. When the info is loaded in to the routing applications they will not be able to route through any gaps at the intersections. Use JOSM to get it right.

I think some if the ways are used by cars, e.g.
You may use highway=track or maybe highway=unclassified + surface=unpaved for those.

highway=footway is equivalent to highway=path + foot=designated. If the trail is designated to be used by foot traffic, then highway=footway is correct. The meaning of highway=footway doesn’t change based on where it’s located or what its surface is.

Thanks for the advise. I already use JOSM and fix the gaps between the trails and change the tags to highway=path and surface ground. Do you think I should edit back to highway=footway?

I think it is fine as is. You have done an excellent job :slight_smile: