Craigslist map data from OSM different than data on OSM website

Q: I’m wondering how Craigslist pulls data from, because when I input my address on Craigslist, it shows 3 streets nearby that were planned but were never built (and won’t be). I got an account on OpenStreetMap so I could edit and correct, but when I went to do it - it was already correct, and looks like it has been for awhile.

(For the specifics - see: intersection of Pequannock Ave. and President Street in Lincoln Park, NJ, USA.
Above is correct.
See Craigslist post:
However, this post won’t be available forever, of course; you might need to create your own post at the above intersection.
On craigslist, these 3 streets shouldn’t be there:
Dodds Ave.
O’Brien Ave.
Wortman Ave. )


Thanks - I did do a forum search for “Craigslist” - unfortunately, it didn’t occur to me that something so specific would actually be in the help section!