County names

Vest-Agder shows up as West-Agder in Norwegian boundaries. E.g. in

At the same time Aust-Agder is in Norwegian It is called Sogn and Fjordane, but Møre og Romsdal. Finnmark shows up with a Finnish name (and the English name is actually Finnish). Bouvet Island in English.

It would be good to be able to break the country down into regions, and get all the regions in the same language by default.

(Consider this a bug report from a user who will not take any further action)

I’ve corrected Vest-Agder, Sogn og Fjordane og Finnmark (deleted stupid translations and name:en, int_name and old_name tags set to the Finnish name). Bouvet Island is correctly tagged (name=Bouvetøya; name:en=Bouvet Island).