How hard would it be to impliment a counter, that counts what you upload? And stores it daily/week/monthly/yearly etc. It would be nice to be able to aim to make ‘X’ changes, or create ‘Y’ nodes every day/week/month etc.

I always forget how much I’ve been doing, or how little, so my input is quite variable. Trying to achiee a steady average contribution to OSM, would be made a lot easier.

When you upload data there are different symbols for different actions, so just totalalling the amount of each symbol that goes threw, and adding that total once the upload is complete would do it right?..


Well, this seems to be a job for :wink:

The Stats are a round up of the last months activities. That wasn’t really what I ment.

If there is an upto date source of the data, that says how active a person has been, wich is always up to date, and can be checked at any time, then that is great, but i havn’t found that. But if it takes some effert to find out your activities every few hours, then it wouldnt serve its purpose, of just being a simple counter that you can reference to monitor your input/work amount.