Could not get the information about the airports using osm

For our project we need information about the airports in our country(Italy), and the area surrounding them. The planet .osm file is too large, so we tried downloading extracted information of our country from a couple of different sources: .shp files for centre Italy from and .mbtiles from . We had success making maps out of this data using and But neither of them had information about the airports. The documentation at (page 18) says that the information about airports is an additional feature that comes with the paid version of the .shp files.
Now, before trying to convert the .osm raw file of our country to mbtiles by ourselves , we wanted to know whether the raw .osm files(planet of countries) contain information about the airports or not.

It is not clear what does “the area surrounding them” mean?
Try this for beginning to get information about airports

first of all thanks for your reply and “the area surrounding them” - for example this could be a 5km radius around the airports

Essentially, the answer is “yes”.

A raw .osm file (or .osm.pbf, which is the usual compressed version) contains whatever data you put in it. If you download a .osm.pbf from e.g. Geofabrik, it’ll contain everything in OSM for the area that you download. If you use something like Osmosis to create a file for a smaller area, it’ll still contain everything in OSM for that smaller area. If however you extract only certain sorts of data and put the output in a .osm.pbf file, then obviously only the data that you put in it will be present.