costco store not in POI etc, but walmart pharmacy is, but not walmart

I dont understand …
using garmin etrex 10
maps generated using linux.
2 stores next to each other in clarkston, wa, USA
5 items seem to be similar
both show up in map at scales under 300 ft.
but only walmart pharmacy shows up in POI etc.
walmart supercenter does not show up in POI, etc
COSTCO does not show up in POI, etc
this is very frustrating as I’m using the etrex 10
for guidance once I’m near a town
What can I do in edits to make them similar???

The missing items are buildings mapped as closed ways. With mkgmap you need option --add-pois-to-areas so that a node object with the same tags is created.
If you already use that option check if your style processes only the building tag.


It could also be that you aren’t processing these two shop=supermarkets in a way that it can categorize them correctly. If you use a type code that Garmin recognizes, it should be able to categorize them as POIs. The typical Garmin type codes for those would probably be 0x2E01 (department store), 0x2E02 (grocery), or 0x2E03 (general merchandise).