CORS error for editing via iD on

I am getting the following CORS error on Firefox as well as Chromium while trying to access the online editor via I think appropriate headers need to be set by the Ops team, please check or let me know whom to contact to take this up.

Well CORS would require a change at not at any domain we control but I imagine they allow access for anything as it’s kind of the point of a CDN like that.

I suspect what really happened was just a network failure reaching that domain to do the CORS preflight check.

That said I’m not sure the production iD on is supposed to be loading from that domain and it’s not one we have allowed in our security policy so that might block it anyway though that isn’t what happened here.

So does it just drop to a blank, white screen for a few seconds while you’re editing?

I’ve been having that problem on FF for a few months now.

Yes the same blank screen but I am getting the same error on Chromium as well.

Actually the issue was with my Pihole setup which was blocking domain. After unblocking the domain, the iD editor is loading as expected.

Thanks @TomH and @Fizzie41 for responding.

Apparently a different problem then, as I have OSM approved in Ublock Origin & is green?