Corrupted Tiles OSM Uruguay/Montevideo

Hi, im getting corrupted tiles in some zooms levels

Test clear cache and use private browsing and the problem persist. :frowning:

What OS and what browser exactly?

Does this also appear with another internet browser?

Tried to choose another map layer from the right screen buttons?

I test it on:
*Windows 8
*Windows 8.1
*Windows 7

*Google Chrome Versión 38.0.2125.111 m
*Firefox 33.1

The problem is visible only at some specific zooms levels.

With Map Quest base layer there’s no problem, only OSM’s layer get corrupted. :confused:

PD. I will test it in xubuntu 12.04 today.

Tessted on xubuntu and the problem is not present.
Today I teste again in windows 7 and theres no problem too. :sunglasses:
Its really strange… :confused: Are someone experiment the same type of problems in toher locations??

The same problem as in the following thread:

I suspect that this may have been related to a recent style update. When that happens, rendering is slower for a while. There’s an answer on the help site that describes the “tile rendering” process that might be helpful:

Thanks you guys I will try the suggestions of the post and study the rendering process in the next days! :slight_smile: